• Charcoal Skirting
  • Deep Cedar Embossment in .042
  • Revolv
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RevolvProductMontageCertified Revolv® Dealers have successfully completed Revolv® Certification training. Each dealer listed below is knowledgeable in this product line, including Revolv® Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Packaged Systems, Line-sets, Condensers and Coils. All Certified Dealers have been tested in their knowledge of this product brand in order to achieve the “Certified Revolv® Dealer” status.

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lineal_mainThe right accessories provide a supplemental rain screen to a home’s water-resistive barrier.

Vinyl siding is designed to allow the material underneath it to breathe, which in turn creates a healthier living environment. When properly installed; using the right vinyl accessories provides additional rain screening, reducing the amount of water that reaches the underlying water-resistive barrier and can create curb appeal.

Rain Screening Accessories from Style Crest Include:

Vinyl Fascia – the trim covering the ends of the roof rafters between the roofing material and the soffit overhang. We offer both 6-1/2 inch and 7-3/4 inch widths in our popular white birch color.
39VSTR Start Strip-low res39FC73401 Fascia Panel-low resVinyl Starter Strip – applied level, directly to the surface of the building at the lowest point siding will be installed, is used to secure the first course of siding to the home. Our starter strips are 2-1/2 inches wide by 12 foot- 6inches.

Print90 corner post-low res3Universal OCP wood-low resSmooth Inside Corner Post [Converted]Inside and Outside Corners – transition trim used to cover the intersection of two walls. Our inside corner post comes in a length of 10 foot, features a 1-3/8 inches face with a 3/4 inch receiver and is available in a matte finish in 28 of our most popular colors. We offer a variety of outside corner posts.


Basic CMYKBasic CMYKWe also have a complete offering of F-Channel, J-Channel, and Finish Trim, including Window Lineals with or without foam inserts.

Use Accessories to Increase Curb Appeal!

CurbAppeal-02For some great ideas on how to make these functional accessories increase a home’s curb appeal check out this curb appeal article from Charlotte Living.




ProPride_profile-HR-low resDid You Know…

Vinyl siding is the only exterior cladding with a product certification program administered by an independent, accredited quality control agency?

VSI Product certification ensures products and colors, meet or exceed industry standards and gives consumers peace of mind. Style Crest Inc. has received VSI Certification on our ProPride Vinyl Siding. Combining durability with affordability, low maintenance and curb appeal, ProPride’s brushed cedar wood grain finish is available in a crisp 4.5″ Dutchlap profile in 10 refreshing colors.

Did you know Medallion from Style Crest is designed as a complete Deck and Railing solution?

Medallion is the perfect balance of price to performance; sure to keep both homeowners and contractors satisfied.

Medallion Decking

Hits the sweet spot of the decking market with capped variegated colors, capped solid colors and wood composite in the two most popular colors and the engineered cap stock wood composite category is rapidly becoming the top seller in the industry. Medallion Decking has a lightweight, rigid surface with a natural embossed wood finish that provides superior slip resistance and an enhanced composite core for low water absorption. Plus the polymer cap creates a superior fade, stain and scratch resistance surface.

Prestige Plus

Prestige Plus





Medallion Decking is available in slotted 12ft., 16ft., and 20ft. lengths as well as solid edge 16ft. lengths. Installation allows for a maximum span of 16 inch on center.






Style Crest Exclusive – Charcoal Premium Plus Skirting

Complements any style of home

  • Great curb appeal!
  • Solid and vented panels
  • Gloss finish that looks like freshly painted wood
  • 16” wide panels for fast installation
  • Durable-highest impact resistance for long life
  • Rigorous quality control program ensuring consistent texture, color and performance
  • Large trim kits – 165‘ per kit!
  • Lifetime Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty!