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Titan Strong. Titan Tough.  Titan XTERIOR.

Titan XTERIOR Prime

Titan XTERIOR Prime – Foundation Skirting

Engineered for Strength & Designed for Beauty.

Titan XTERIOR Prime is a foundation cover built to withstand the demands of everyday life. Our reinforced panel design resists damage caused by lawn care accidents, playful children, and mother nature.

Titan XTERIOR Prime


  • Our exclusive reinforced panel design is built strong to resist damage caused by lawn care accidents and playful children.
  • Offers superior protection from high winds, frost heaving, and hail.
  • Complements any home with the realistic appearance of poured concrete or stucco foundations.
  • Achieves beauty with increased strength and durability; without increasing installation time or inventory costs by utilizing traditional foundation vents and standard vinyl skirting accessories.
  • Panel colors include White, Dove, and Clay.
  • An insulated panel is also available.

Titan XTERIOR Prime Panels

555071 15-5/8″ x 144″ Panels
(6 panels per carton)

555074 15-5/8″ x 144″ Panels
(6 panels per carton)

555076 15-5/8″ x 144″ Panels
(6 panels per carton)

Titan XTERIOR Prime Accessories

Top Trim Front
332031 11’1″  – White*
332034 11’1″  – Clay*
332036 11’1″ – Dove*

Top Trim Back
332021    11’1″  – White*
332024    11’1″ – Clay*
332026    11’1″  – Dove*

Bottom Channel
332011    11’1″  – White*
332014    11’1″  – Clay*
332016    11’1″  – Dove*

2998, Black
2999, Brown
2994, White

Exclusive Style Crest Design—our reinforced panel provides additional strength and rigidity to the interlocking Titan XTERIOR Prime Panels.

Installation Instructions

Titan XTERIOR Elite

Titan XTERIOR Elite – Insulated Panels

Titan XTERIOR Elite– Insulated Skirting



in a narrow, easy to handle 15-5/8″ Width!

Same finished look and performance.  Added benefits of easier shipping, handling, and installation.

NOW AVAILABLE in a narrow, easy to handle 15-5/8" Width!

Built to defend your home from the rigorous demands of Mother Nature’s elements.

  • 2” Insulation helps keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Available in White, Dove and Clay to complement any home
  • Unique corner kits include notched top trim for easy installation
  • Panel with factory installed vent saves time and labor costs
  • Automatic vents available in white, black, gray and brown
  • Designed to survive a non-commercial gas or electric weed trimmer accident
  • Preventol™ EPS protects the foam from termites and is safe for humans and pets
  • Moisture management helps guard the home from mold and moisture damage

Titan XTERIOR Elite Insulated Panels

Installation Guide

Under-mount Instructions

Download our helpful product calculator to determine the panels needed for your job.

554471 47 x 144, 2″

554474 47 x 144, 2″

554476 47 x 144, 2″

Titan XTERIOR Elite Vented Panels

Titan XTERIOR Elite Accessories

Automatic Vent
55070002, Gray
55070003, Black
55070004, Brown
55070005, White

Corner Kit
(includes corner cap and corner bracket, screws sold separately)
554231, White
554234, Clay
554236, Dove

Top Trim Front
554031, White
554034, Clay
554036, Dove

Top Trim Back
554021, White
554024, Clay
554026, Dove

Bottom Channel
554011, White
554014, Clay
554016, Dove

Titan XTERIOR System
Vinyl skirting panel with 2″ foam insulation

Titan Xterior Corner
(screws sold separately)

Installation Guide

Titan XTERIOR Warranty