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Titan Strong. Titan Tough.  Titan XTERIOR.

Titan XTERIOR Prime - Foundation Skirting

Engineered for Strength & Designed for Beauty.

Titan XTERIOR Prime is a foundation cover built to withstand the demands of everyday life. Our reinforced panel design resists damage caused by lawn care accidents, playful children, and mother nature.

Titan XTERIOR Prime


  • Our exclusive reinforced panel design is built strong to resist damage caused by lawn care accidents and playful children.
  • Offers superior protection from high winds, frost heaving, and hail.
  • Complements any home with the realistic appearance of poured concrete or stucco foundations.
  • Achieves beauty with increased strength and durability; without increasing installation time or inventory costs by utilizing traditional foundation vents and standard vinyl skirting accessories.
  • Panel colors include White, Dove, and Clay.
  • An insulated panel is also available.

Titan XTERIOR Prime Panels

555071 15-5/8" x 144" Panels
(6 panels per carton)

555074 15-5/8" x 144" Panels
(6 panels per carton)

555076 15-5/8" x 144" Panels
(6 panels per carton)

Titan XTERIOR Prime Accessories

Top Trim Front
332031 11'1"  - White*
332034 11'1"  - Clay*
332036 11'1" - Dove*

Top Trim Back
332021    11'1"  - White*
332024    11'1" - Clay*
332026    11'1"  - Dove*

Bottom Channel
332011    11'1"  - White*
332014    11'1"  - Clay*
332016    11'1"  - Dove*

2998, Black
2999, Brown
2994, White

Exclusive Style Crest Design—our reinforced panel provides additional strength and rigidity to the interlocking Titan XTERIOR Prime Panels.

Installation Instructions