Board and Batten Color Expansion

Posted on July 19th, by SCPST

This year Style Crest is adding five trending darker colors to its palette of increasingly popular vertical Board & Batten siding. As today’s homeowners embrace historical siding profiles such as board and batten, they are also expecting more color options. Style Crest has embraced this combination of style and color in its .048 Board & Batten product offering. The Style Crest Board & Batten color additions include Canyon Brown, Hampton Blue, Gray Flannel, Heritage Red, and Mountain Pine.

Style Crest has been manufacturing building products since 1970 and introduced vinyl siding in 1992 offering product lines to multiple markets and for customers both big and small. Style Crest’s siding experts continually research the latest trends to develop new and unique products.



Canyon Brown 81
Heritage Red 87
Hampton Blue 89

Gray Flannel 90
Mountain Pine 94

The right accessories provide a supplemental rain screen to a home’s water-resistive barrier.

Posted on June 27th, by SCPST

Vinyl siding is designed to allow the material underneath it to breathe, which in turn creates a healthier living environment. When properly installed; using the right vinyl accessories provides additional rain screening, reducing the amount of water that reaches the underlying water-resistive barrier and can create curb appeal.

Rain Screening Accessories from Style Crest Include:

Vinyl Fascia – the trim covering the ends of the roof rafters between the roofing material and the soffit overhang. We offer both 6-1/2 inch and 7-3/4 inch widths in our popular white birch color.
Vinyl Starter Strip – applied level, directly to the surface of the building at the lowest point siding will be installed, is used to secure the first course of siding to the home. Our starter strips are 2-1/2 inches wide by 12 foot- 6inches.

Inside and Outside Corners – transition trim used to cover … Read More »