HVAC Product Warranty Registration

At Style Crest®, we know an important part of your buying decision is product support. All Packaged Units, Furnaces, Outdoor Condensers, and Indoor Coils include a manufacturer's limited product warranty to the original homeowner and are supported by our own internal Warranty Team.


  • Style Crest does not accept coil only warranty registrations. Coils can only be registered with a properly matched condenser.

Click here to download the Revolv® Limited Product Warranty

-see the registration form at bottom of this page to register your Revolv HVAC product online.

Click here if you are looking for the VMA/VMC Warranty instead.

All warranty claims are subject to review and require proof of purchase for the manufactured home and/or equipment installation invoice.

Email us if you are having any trouble with this registration process.

HVAC Product Registration:

Use the following registration form to register:

  • Furnace Model: MG#*, RG#*, CMF*, M5S*, VMA*, VMC*, RE9*, E7E*,  & MB7*
  • Outdoor Condenser Model: RSA*, RSH*, RS6*, RS4*, & RT4*
  • Indoor Coil Model: 18##*, C8*, & C7*
  • Packaged Unit Model: RP7*, RP94*, RQ7*, & RQ94*

Style Crest offers an extended Registered Limited Parts Warranty on Qualifying Revolv Split System Condensers and MG2* high-efficiency MH Furnaces, when properly registered:

  • Parts-only coverage may be extended to 10-Years on Condensers only.
    • Indoor Coil warranty coverage does not extend for any reason.
    • A split system Outdoor Condenser must be installed with an Indoor Coil that is a rated match, found in the AHRI Certified Products Directory.
    • A specific furnace/air handler model may also be an integral component of that split system AHRI rating.
    • The split system must meet the minimum performance requirements for the installed (geographic) location, complying with Department of Energy (DOE) guidelines.
    • Both the Outdoor Condenser and Indoor Coil must be registered together within 60-days of installation to qualify for extended coverage.
  • Equipment must be purchased through authorized distributors and installed by a licensed HVAC contractor.
  • Parts-only coverage may be extended to 5-Years (total) on Qualifying MG2* Furnaces only, sold after 7/1/2022.

Note: Please enter serial numbers using numbers and only UPPER CASE Letters.

Registration Form

NOTICE: Registrations will not process from Friday, October 20th at 7 pm CT until Sunday, October 22nd at 3 pm CT for site maintenance. Please register your products before or after this time period. We apologize for any inconvenience.

NOTE: Style Crest does not accept coil only warranty registrations. Coils can only be registered with a properly matched condenser.