HVAC Product Warranty Registration

At Style Crest®, we know an important part of your buying decision is product support. All Packaged Units, Furnaces, Outdoor Condensers, and Indoor A-coils include a manufacturer’s limited product warranty to the original homeowner and are supported by our own internal Warranty Team.


  • Style Crest does not accept coil only warranty registrations. Coils can only be registered with a properly matched condenser.

Click here to download the Revolv® Limited Product Warranty

-see the registration form at bottom of this page to register your Revolv HVAC product online.


All warranty claims are subject to review and require proof of purchase for the manufactured home and/or equipment installation invoice.

HVAC Product Registration:

Revolv HVAC Product Registration

Revolv (or Maytag®)
Use the following registration form to register:

  • Furnace Model: MG#*, RG#*, CMF*, M5S*, VMA*, VMC*, RE9*, E7E*,  & MB7*
  • Outdoor Condenser Model: RSA*, RSH*, RS6*, RS4*, & RT4*
  • Indoor Coil Model: 18##*, C8*, & C7*
  • Packaged Unit Model: RP7* & RQ7*

Style Crest offers an Extended Warranty on qualifying air conditioning and heat pump Outdoor Condensers, when properly registered:

  • Parts-only coverage may be extended to 10-Years on Condensers only.
    • Indoor Coil warranty coverage does not extend for any reason.
  • A split system Outdoor Condenser must be installed with an Indoor Coil that is a rated match, found in the AHRI Certified Products Directory.
    • A specific furnace/air handler model may also be an integral component of that split system AHRI rating.
  • The split system must meet the minimum performance requirements for the installed (geographic) location, complying with Department of Energy (DOE) guidelines.
  • Both the Outdoor Condenser and Indoor Coil must be registered together within 60-days of installation to qualify for extended coverage.
  • Equipment must be purchased through authorized distributors.

Note: Please enter serial numbers using numbers and only UPPER CASE Letters.

Registration Form

The Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Condenser must be installed with the proper matching A-Coil unit. The pairing between condenser and coil must meet AHRI performance and matching requirements; both in specifications and by geography (according to Department of Energy guidelines). Unit must be registered within 60 days of installation to qualify for the extended warranty coverage.

NOTE: Style Crest does not accept coil only warranty registrations. Coils can only be registered with a properly matched condenser.



SmartComfort™ HVAC Products (by Carrier®) Products must be registered through the  International Comfort Products – website portal.

Email us if you are having any trouble with this registration process.