Manufactured Housing Products Videos

At Style Crest, one of our commitments is to help inform and educate our customers. The following videos are provided to highlight product features and benefits as well as provide technical knowledge regarding the HVAC industry.

2023 HVAC Regulatory Changes

NGH Regulatory Changes 2023

Installation Videos

Revolv® AccuCharge®

Charge Calculator

Enforcement of Regional Standards Lunch and Learn

Micro-Channel Training

92% Upflow Residential Furnaces – Piping & Drains

Application Videos

Manufactured Housing Matches with Coils and Furnaces

Packaged Heat Pumps

Myth Busting Micro-Channel

Bad Ductwork Ruins a High Efficiency Rating

Style Crest Mobile Home Heating and Cooling Focus

Service Videos

Testing Fixed Torque ECM Blower Motors

Using the Broad Ocean Motor Tester

10 Gas Furnace Tips You Can Use Today

Top 5 Fall Tech Calls

Testing an Induced Draft Furnace Heat Exchanger

Troubleshooting a Heat Pump Reversing Valve

Hot Gas Defrost Board Codes & Troubleshooting


Revolv® Testimonial, Bobby Parks, Parks Air and Heat & Healthy Homes of Louisiana, West Monroe, Louisiana

Revolv® Testimonial, James Mertens, Airmates Mobile Home Supply & Service, Greenville, North Carolina