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2019 SECO Conference – 10/80-10/10, 2019 Atlanta, GA. Booth 114

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Hilton Atlanta Airport
1031 Virginia Ave.
Atlanta, Georgia 30354

2019 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show – Titan XTERIOR Prime Introduction

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As seen at the 2019 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show—

Style Crest, Inc. expands its Titan XTERIOR foundation cover product line with the introduction of Titan XTERIOR Prime, an innovative and durable alternative to traditional vinyl skirting. Titan XTERIOR Prime is designed to withstand the demands of everyday life with the strength to resist damage caused by lawn care accidents, playful children and Mother Nature.

Titan XTERIOR Prime enhances the curb appeal of manufactured homes by offering the realistic appearance of stucco or poured concrete foundations. Titan XTERIOR Prime comes in three color options, white, clay, and dove, to complement any home style.

Titan XTERIOR Prime is engineered for strength and designed for beauty—bringing another innovative foundation cover to the manufactured housing industry.

Foundation Covers Warranty Registration

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Style Crest has simplified the registration for our manufactured skirting (foundation cover) products. Please use this form to complete your online registration.

You can use … Read More »

Louisville Manufactured Housing Show – 1/15 – 1/17, 2020, Louisville, KY. Booth 109.

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Tunica MH Show – 3/24 – 3/26, 2020, Tunica, MS

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MHI National Congress & Expo – 4/6 – 4/8, 2020 – Las Vegas, NV

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Board and Batten Color Expansion

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This year Style Crest is adding five trending darker colors to its palette of increasingly popular vertical Board & Batten siding. As today’s homeowners embrace historical siding profiles such as board and batten, they are also expecting more color options. Style Crest has embraced this combination of style and color in its .048 Board & Batten product offering. The Style Crest Board & Batten color additions include Canyon Brown, Hampton Blue, Gray Flannel, Heritage Red, and Mountain Pine.

Style Crest has been manufacturing building products since 1970 and introduced vinyl siding in 1992 offering product lines to multiple markets and for customers both big and small. Style Crest’s siding experts continually research the latest trends to develop new and unique products.



Canyon Brown 81
Heritage Red 87
Hampton Blue 89

Gray Flannel 90
Mountain Pine 94

Comfort Clad – Insulated Vinyl Siding

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Comfort Clad provides additional insulation to your home to help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Comfortable all year-around. No matter which profile you prefer, our insulated Comfort Clad vinyl siding better insulates your home by reducing thermal conductivity.

Added impact resistance: resists dents and hail damage
Does not require painting
5.0 Permeable rating allows the siding to breathe and not absorb moisture
Reduces thermal conductivity
Armor Coat™ finish inhibits color fading and provides outstanding weatherability*
Meets or exceeds industry standards for ASTM D3679
Meets VSI standards
Limited-lifetime warranty
Made In the U.S.A.

.046 & .048 Thickness

Panel lies snug against the wall reducing surface irregularities, providing a smooth, uninterrupted sightline.




Rigid EPS Insulation

Foam laminated to the panel, increases the rigidity and solid feel of each panel.

Termite Protection

Foam contains Preventol®, providing additional termite protection.



Double Staggered Nail Hem

Wind resistance through a better engineered nail hem.






Locks each panel firmly to … Read More »


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The Carrington Collection Resource Library

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This library is provided for the convenience of Style Crest customers for their marketing initiatives. Important product details, warranties and images are available for downloading. Images are categorized as: medium resolution, 150 dpi, suitable for PowerPoint presentations and office printers; and low resolution, 72 DPI, for websites and email campaigns. All documents and images are provided as is and copyrights are held by the original copyright holders.

Color images represented on this website have been provided to give you a visual representation. However, due to variations in individual user’s monitor settings, calibrations, color printing settings, and lighting sources, we cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual product and your screen.




The Carrington Collection

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Premium Vinyl Siding
(.046 panel)

The Carrington Collection will transform your home with distinctive elegance, beautiful colors, and the ultimate in protection. Featuring extra rigidity, The Carrington Collection goes on straight and retains its pristine appearance for the lifetime of your home.

Numerous stylish colors to choose from to reveal the personality of your home.
Armor Coat®, a high-performance cap stock, produces fade-resistant colors and a lifetime of durability.
Exclusive double-staggered nail hems and deep bottom laps withstand gale force winds to protect your beautiful investment.
Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty.



Available Colors

White Birch 02
Classic Sand 11
Warm Sandalwood 17

Sunny Maize 22
Soft Willow 41
Harbor Stone 44

Basket Beige 46
Slate Blue 47
Graphite Grey 49

Topaz 51
Java 52
Artisan Clay 61

Twilight 80
Canyon Brows 81

Meadow 82
Keystone 85
Heritage Red 87

Hampton Blue 89
Gray Flannel 90
Coffee Bean 91

Onyx 92
Mountain Pine 94
Blue Ridge 96

Woodland 97


D4 and DL4.5 Profiles Feature –

A) Double-Staggered Tuff-Hem™ Nail Hem

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Mason’s Collection

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Faster installation and more choices.


Mason’s Brick the perfect accent to any home!


Mason’s Brick comes trimmed to save hours of installation time.

Vented 36″ panels eliminate the need for stocking a vent – saving time and money.

Download our helpful product calculator to determine the panels needed for your job.


Brick Panel foundation cover
Beautifully designed for enduring curb appeal
Two panel heights available
Authentic brick look without additional time, labor or cost
Designed for easy installation
Choose from two natural looking colors
Three easy to install corner options
Optional vented panel
5-Year limited warranty
Installation Instructions

Call your Style Crest Inside Sales Associate for more details!


5586366001T, 36 x 60 Brown 5586486001T, 48 x 60 Brown

5586366002T, 36 x 60 Red 5586486002T, 48 x 60 Red


Vented Panels

5586366001TV, 36 x 60 Brown

5586366002TV, 36 x 60 Red






Front Trim

5586161, Brown 5/bundle

5586162, Red 5/bundle





Vent2998, Black … Read More »

Siding and Soffit-Wisconsin south to Texas

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Style Crest is dedicated to serving our business customers with the best customer service possible. Our helpful associates are just an email or phone call away. Reach out to your Style Crest Team using the following information.

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Mason’s Rock Skirting Panels Now Have More Choices and Come Pre-trimmed for Easier Installation

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Faster installation and more choices.

Mason’s Rock now comes pre-trimmed to save hours of installation time.

Pre-vented 36″ panels eliminate the need for stocking a vent – saving time and money.

We’ve also added a third color, Tuscan Tan, to our popular Sedona Brown and Slate Gray panels.

Now you have even more choices, making Mason’s Rock the perfect accent to any home!

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Part #: 39VBL15X55SA

Part #: 39VBL15X55RO

Part #: 39VBL15X55CR

Part #: 39VBL15X55RD

Part #: 39VBL15X55PN

Part #: 39VBL15X55IB

Part #: 39VBL15X51BR

Part #: 39VBL15X51BE

Part #: 39VBL15X63BR

Part #: 39VBL15X59CH

Part #: 39VBL15X63BL

Part #: 39VBL15X63BE

Part #: 39VBL15X59WH

Part #: 39VBL15X59SA

Part #: 39VBL15X59RO

Part #: 39VBL15X59RD

Part #: 39VBL15X59PN

Part #: 39VBL15X59IB

Part #: 39VBL15X59GY

Part #: 39VBL15X59GR

Part #: 39VBL15X59CR

Part #: 39VBL15X59BU

Part #: 39VBL15X47WH

Part #: 39VBL15X59BR

National Accounts Manager

Peter Erceg

National Accounts Manager
Residential Siding Products
Joined Style Crest in 2007

Related Experience
28 year career in the building materials industry with extensive territory and sales experience. Corporate interface with two significant buying groups that have resulted in growing marketshare.

How would you characterize your relationship with your customers?
My relationships with my customers run from the very formal to the casual. In all cases they are always professional. In each instance, I am considered a vital source for industry information and growth planning.

Outside of work, what are your favorite activities?
I spend much of my free time boating, golfing or travelling to NYC to experience metropolitan culture.

A successful encounter with a customer includes…
An understanding that we are working towards building something that can be mutually beneficial, and the understanding that we are partnering with each other to accomplish that goal.

When a challenge presents itself, the approach I take is…
Take charge. I engage fully from beginning of the process to closure, maintaining proper communication throughout the process.

The best advice I ever received was…
To guard your name and integrity at all costs. It is truly the important function in sales.

Inside Sales Associate


Customer Service Sales Representative
Order Entry, Customer Service
Joined Style Crest in 2014

What types of accomplishments give you the most amount of pride at work?
When my customers are completely satisfied with their experience from Style Crest.

How would you characterize your relationship with your customers?
My relationship with my customers is professional yet friendly. I always try to talk with a smile on my face and hopefully they hear it and it makes them smile as well.

Outside of work, what are your favorite activities?
Outside of work I spend most of my free time at the gym and yoga studio. I love to spend time with my boys when they come home on leave. Enjoy spending any free time that I may have with family and friends.

The one place I know I can relax and prepare for the coming week is…
I am most relaxed when I am working out. I can mentally prepare myself for the week ahead.

If I were a professional athlete, this is the sport I’d like to be the best at.
I love football. I think it would be amazing to score the game winning touchdown!!

Inside Sales Associate


Inside Sales Associate
Residential Housing
Joined Style Crest in 2004

Related Experience
Sales – Realtor  for 8 years

What types of accomplishments give you the most amount of pride at work?
Helping to resolve problems for the customer

How would you characterize your relationship with your customers?
I love my customers

Outside of work, what are your favorite activities?
Spending time with my granddaughter

The one place I know I can relax and prepare for the coming week is…
With my granddaughter.. all things are good when I am with her

The best advice I ever received was…
Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize that they were the BIG things….

I prepare for the business day by doing this every morning.

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