Calling all existing and new Revolv® HVAC Authorized Service Providers!

Style Crest is expanding our network with NEW Authorized Service Providers. Are you interested in selling and/or servicing the #1 brand in the Manufactured Housing HVAC Market?

Existing Authorized Service Providers can start the renewal process as well by following all steps outlined below.

Style Crest Inc. is the industry leader in heating, air conditioning, and air quality products for manufactured/mobile homes, and we are always happy to consider enlisting qualified service providers for our products.

Please follow the steps on the tabs below to complete this process. All potentially NEW service providers are asked to review all materials and complete the appropriate forms on all tabs. We ask existing service providers to complete the first tab. However, if you are already an Existing Service Provider going through the renewal process, please follow all steps.

Existing Service Providers Updates

Please take a few minutes to quickly let us know your level of interest and how to get in touch with you.

NEW or Renewing Service Provider

In order to establish, or renew, your company as an authorized service location, we need you to complete the Service Center Agreement and Service Provider Questionnaire. Either online, on this web page (see next two tabs), or manually.

  • Complete the Services Center Agreement online  or Download a PDF. NOTE: You can fill out the PDF form electronically and either add an electronic signature or print and sign manually before returning.
  • Complete the HVAC Service Provider Questionnaire online or Download a PDF. NOTE: You can fill out the PDF form electronically and either add an electronic signature or print and sign manually before returning.
  • If you complete the forms manually, please complete and return by one of the following methods:
    • Email:
    • Fax to: 419-333-5820
    • Mail to:
      • Service Center Agreement
        Style Crest Inc.
        2450 Enterprise Drive
        Fremont, OH 43420

If you plan on filing warranty claims directly with Style Crest Inc., download and return a W-9 and a credit application. If you file direct with your local distributor these forms are not required. A countersigned Service Center agreement will then be returned for your records.

  • Download Form W9 (Only needed if your intend to file your own warranty claims)
  • Download Credit Application (Only needed if your intend to file your own warranty claims)

Review our Service Policy Guide for additional details. This guide explains in detail our policies and procedures for handling service requests, filing warranty claims, trip charge allowances, and time allowances for various service jobs. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with it and to contact our Technical Service Department at 1-800-228-7896 if you have any questions. Our Technical Services representatives can also assist with installation or service questions as well as trouble shooting equipment issues. They are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 – 5:00 EST and would be happy to assist you.

Welcome aboard! We look forward to working with you to service our mutual customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you pay per hour?
    • The base hourly rate is $75 for warranty work. We also include a trip allowance, 1 to 50 miles at $32.50 and 51 to 100 miles at $65 round trip. We will include a copy of the warranty policy guide that explains the program.
  2. If I decide to sign up am I required to service in warranty equipment that I did not install?
    • Yes. Per the service agreement you agree to offer in warranty service on Revolv®/Maytag® brand products, within a radius that you set, generally about 50 miles. This could include products installed at a Manufactured Housing production facility, equipment installed by Style Crest, or installed by another HVAC contractor.
  3. We encourage you to complete the required forms online on the tabs on this web page and simply hit the submit button for each form. However, if would rather download the forms you can fill them out on your computer, print and then sign them. You can then return them using one of the three methods below.
  4. Once the forms are returned how long does the process take?
    • Generally the forms will be processed, countersigned and return to you within 7 to 10 business days.
    • If at any point during the process you have questions, please call us at 1.800.228.7896
  5. What HVAC product line does Style Crest distribute and who manufactures the products?
    • We market under the Revolv® and Maytag® brand names. We offer a wide variety of quality heating and cooling products specifically designed and manufactured by Nortek and Thermo Pride for the Manufactured Housing/Mobile Home Industry.
  6. Don’t you represent and distribute Coleman products?
    • We did distribute Coleman Manufactured Housing products for quite a number of years. Several years ago we starting marketing our own brand name of HVAC equipment called Revolv® that is specifically designed for manufactured and mobile homes.
  7. Why did you make the change to Nortek?
    • With the ongoing changes involving new energy standards implemented by the Federal Government, and the unique application challenges for manufactured and mobile homes, we needed a manufacturing partner for the Revolv® brand that will proactively work with us to meet these changing needs.
  8. Are there any other benefits or advantages to signing up as an authorized service center?
    • By agreeing to support Revolv® and Maytag® manufactured\mobile home customers you will gain access to our tools and training, as well as be featured on our website, under our authorized service centers listing. Click here to view. Many homeowners use this resource when they are seeking repairs or new equipment for the millions of MH homes in the US.

HVAC Service Provider Questionnaire

HVAC Service Provider Questionnaire

Service Center Agreement

Service Center Agreement

  • Style Crest Logo
    Style Crest®, Inc.
  • This letter will serve as a Service Center Agreement between Style Crest and your firm. Style Crest agrees to sell to your firm at our option either directly or through our distribution network, the necessary parts at our then current service center prices. Style Crest further agrees to provide service and parts literature as available, technical assistance, and will include your name on our Authorized Service Center listing. Style Crest also agrees to reimburse your firm for work performed in accordance with the then current service policies, flat rate time allowances, and rates applicable at the time the service is performed. Style Crest will not pay for service performed on products that are out of warranty and are not covered by Style Crest extended service contracts or for service attributable to improper installation or improper applications.
  • You also agree to bill the OEM manufacturer directly for services that are related to OEM installation. Style Crest will only allow a fifty mile radius trip charge for equipment installed on an after-market item. You further agree to provide the necessary qualified personnel to perform proper service within 24 hours of notification or make contact with the customer to set up an appointment. You agree to comply with all applicable laws and ordinances including but not limited to all licensing requirements. Your firm agrees to maintain all records required by Style Crest on forms furnished by Style Crest. Your firm is not an agent or employee of Style Crest, but is an independent servicing company. Style Crest does not have the power or authority to control your firm’s operations except as set out in this agreement. Your firm shall not lead third parties to believe your firm is an agent, division, or other extension of Style Crest as contrasted to an independent service company. You agree to provide service on products distributed by Style Crest whether the service problems are in warranty or out of warranty. You further agree to abide by the then current service policy applicable to the products sold and to perform warranty service at the rate listed below. Claims filed through a distributor will be paid at the distributor’s labor rate. The servicer is expected to warrant his workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of service.
  • ($75 is standard rate, exceptions require approval).
  • You agree that Style Crest shall have the right to contact your customers from time to time to evaluate Style Crest service programs.
  • This agreement shall cover the following product lines:

  • This agreement may be terminated by either party upon thirty days written notice. In addition, Style Crest reserves the right to terminate this agreement upon five days written notice if your firm has breached any of the provisions of this agreement or:
    1. Becomes past due on any account owed to Style Crest Inc.
    2. Charges a retail customer for service when the retail customer was entitled to the service without charge pursuant to the terms of the applicable warranty.
    3. Does not perform warranty service in a timely manner.
    4. Attempts to claim reimbursement for any warranty service at rates other than set out in the then current service rate schedule.
    5. Fails to immediately inform Style Crest after your discovery of a potentially hazardous or dangerous condition related to all HVAC products distributed by Style Crest including but not limited to those manufactured by JCI, Nortek or Thermo Products.
    6. Attempts to claim reimbursement on fraudulent claims. If you agree with these terms of this service agreement, please indicate your acceptance by signing at the bottom of this page and return this agreement to Style Crest. The agreement will become effective when signed by a Style Crest representative on the date set out below.
    Notice: Sales tax will be charged on all purchases unless a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate is on file.
  • The above service center agreement accepted effective the date set out above. SERVICE CENTER: (This Section Must Be Completed)
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If approved, Style Crest will review and return this document, signed, by one of our representatives.

Need assistance or have questions?
Please call our HVAC Technical Services department:

NOTE: Style Crest reserves the right to review and approve all applications.